For the traditional filling (with meat) you need:
2 cups of barley
1 cup of rice
Boil barley together with rice on low – in hot, salty (with about half spoon of salt) water for about 20 minutes, until the water sinks into it.
1 kg of pork shoulder
Mince the meat and fry it (on oil or large) with onion – until the meat changes its colour. Mix fried meat with previously cooked rice with barley. Add spices for better taste (salt, pepper...).

Put the filling in the middle of the leaf. Put the edges of the leaf inside and roll it – so that the filling was fully covered by it. Put prepared (rolled) in that way golabki to the large pot and pour some water into it – the water, however, cannot cover golabki. Some leaves must be placed on the bottom of the pot (underneath golabki) and on the top. Cover the pot with the lid and bake golabki for at least 1 hour in a hot oven (the temperature should be about 180-200 Celsius degrees).

From: Poland