Caramel pudding

Caramel pudding
Caramel pudding


Put the milk in a pan and add the sugar and vanilla seeds. Heat on low heat until the sugar has dissolved, and then cool. Whisk together the eggs and stir the sugar into the milk. Heat the sugar in a saucepan until caramel forms. Pour the liquid caramel into the base of a mould that is heat resistant, such as metal cake tin, and swirl so that the base is covered with caramel. Cool the form well and then pour in the milk and egg mixture.  Place the mould in a water bath at 100 C and baked the caramel pudding for 2-3 hour until the mixture has solidified. Make sure that the water in the bath does not boil, or this will cause bubbles in the pudding. Cool the caramel pudding well. To serve, loosen around the sides and turn onto a serving plate. Whip the cream and serve with the caramel pudding. Decorate with fresh berries.




  • 5 dl milk
  • 50 g sugar
  • The seeds from 1 vanilla pod
  • 4 medium-sized eggs
  • ½ dl sugar for the caramel
  • 1 dl whipping cream
  • A few fresh berries for decoration

Known as the king of desserts in Norway

(serves 4-6)

From: Norway