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Area of Lithuania - 65.2 thousand. km²

Its population is 3.2 million

Its capital and the largest city is Vilnius.

Lithuanian is the official state language of Lithuania


Ethnic groups:

General information

The little country lying  on the south eastern coast of the Baltic Sea is Lithuania, inhabitet by one of the Baltic nations. The Lithuanians have preserved one of the oldest languages in the world, a unique culture and unique customs. The lithuanian langue belongs to the Indo-Europian group of languages.
Lithuania has had a unique history. A small state at first, it was to become one of the largest in Europe in the middle ages. It stretched from the Baltic to the Black sea.

Lithuania lies at the very heart of Europe, for central point of this continent is located 20km from Vilnius.

Lithuania is a beautiful and picturesque country. It has over 4000 small and large lakes, over 22 rivers which are 100km long and 722 streams.

Lithuania is a forseted country. The forest are mostly of mixed type. The predominating trees are pines, birches and firs;alders, oaks, ash-trees are less frequent. There are about 300 species  of birds have been registered in Lithuania. The national bird is a stork. It is our pride.

Lithuanian treasure

"Amber (Lith. gintaras), found on the Baltic Sea shores, was and is highly treasured and is the only national gem of Lithuania. It is a fossil resin "which came from the sap of" several varieties of pines. It is believed, that about 60 million years ago, these pines grew in the subtropical forest" in the present location of the Baltic Sea.

Amber artifacts

"Ancestors of the present Lithuanians lived close to the Baltic Sea shores and were familiar with amber in antiquity. Prehistoric amber artifacts are found in about 60 localities in Lithuania. Their ages range from the New Stone Age to the Early Iron Age." Such artifacts are "on exhibit at the Amber Museum of Palanga, which was opened in 1963 in the mansion of the late Count Tiškevičius, in whose family there were several collectors of amber."

Traditional food



Potato dumplings stuffed with minced meat (pork). Boiled in salted water.




Potato sausage

Sausage stuffed with grated potatoes which is baked in oven.





Potato cake

Potato cake

Grated potatoes baked in oven and served with fried bacon dice and sour cream.




Mushroom dishes

Mushroom dishes dried or preserved for the winter by salting and pressing them in wooden pails

Fried and served with potatoes.




Birch sap

Birch sap