Comenius 3rd visit in Belgium

Comenius project meeting „My traditions in our Europe“ was held in Belgium from 2nd to 7th of May. Partners from Lithuania, Norway , Poland and Belgium participated in it. The goal of the visit was to learn more about Belgian traditions and customs feasts , traditional cuisine, take photos, make videos, discuss fulfilled tasks and plan further activities.

3rd May

We were sightseeing in Kortrijk town and visited the school. After lunch we had a trip to historical town Ghent, visited the Museum of Flemish traditions, went sightseeing on a boat.

4th May

We were cooking traditional Belgian dishes in mixed groups.  After lunch we had an official welcoming by the Mayor in the City Hall.

5th May

We had a whole day trip to Brussels, visited European Commision, Parlament, European Boarders and other official institutions and went sightseeing in the Old Town.


6th May

The students were making scrapbooks, videos and writing texts. In the evening we had a possibility to make traditional Christmas dishes by ourselves. It was completely different from our traditional Christmas dinner. To enjoy a friendly atmosphere at the Christmas table Belgians are used to making  barbeques just sitting at the table. Later everyone was handed in  the certificates by the school principal. Late at night everyone enjoyed the disco.

Category: Belgium what happened Posted by: Marijus Jun 8, 2011