Impressions of the participants, Comenius visit in Norway

Giedrė Kinčiūtė

I will always remember trip to Norway, because I saw very beutiful nature and mountains of Norway. Every day we learned something new. The school was much diffirent than ours. Thats why, I was impressed. Wonderful teachers and students were very friendly. Bergen was amazing, I did so many pictures. This trip I will remember for a long long time.


Evelina Maskalaite

Long waited trip to Norway was really meanful. Nature, sightseeing was so exciting that we would never forget it. This amaizing country I have never seen. This country became new home for thirty students and teachers.They learnt about different tradicions and also improved their social skills. We learnt how to work in an international team. I have learnt so many things in this trip. I will never forget this country and I will remember it forever.


Antanas Mikalčius

Being in norway i knew more about Norway history and culture. I met the norwegian people and we spent time realy good. I was here three years ago, but in the northern Norway side and now ive seen the western side. Norway is fabulous. Fusa village, in which we were living was really calm and i felt like i was in Palanga. Norway people are very calm.


Konstantinas Balčiūnas

It was fist time flying to norway. So i dont know what i will see at there. But it was realy wonderful. I realy didnt expect to see so much wiews. The nature of norway was amaizing, i have seen more than i could imagine. The sightseeing was realy unusual, becouse in lithuania we dont have things like waterfalls, giant rocks, so much mountains and houses near sea. The whole project gave me new experience. I liked this trip very much, so i will remeber it for whole of my life.

Category: Lithuania evaluation Posted by: Marijus Oct 8, 2011