Comenius multilateral school partnerships project „My traditions in our Europe“

1st meeting in Vilnius November 28- December 3

Partners from Norway, Poland, Belgium and Lithuania met in Vilnius tourism and commerce school-10 guests from Norway, 5-from Poland and 7 from Belgium.

Project coordinator - Vilnius Tourism and Commerce School.



Visit programme


November 28, Sunday

Just arrived next day all guests and Lithuanians teachers and students set off  to the whole day trip. First we visited the Fisherman‘s museum in Mindunai, Moletu region. A local fisherman told about old fishing traditions, showed old fishing equipment. Everyone was surprised that during ice fishing fishermen cught several tones fish.

Then we travelled to Strigailiskis (Ignalinos region) where we saw the biggest branchy cake in Lithuania, watched how the branchy cake is baked and even tried ourselves to bake it. Our cake we took to school and next day degustated it.

Having baked the branchy cake we continued our trip to Anyksciai to the Horse museum. The host of the house invited us into a warm room with an ancient stove. Outside it was -15 and in the room was cosy and warm from the cracling fire in the stove.

In one room there gathered almost 50 people and the hosting woman asked if we could immagine so many people living in one room. Of course we were a large crowd but in old times it was typical that in such rooms lived 15 people- family members and servants. 2 days ago the host had mixed the rye dough in a wooden tub. The host told us about daily routine of the ancient family and demonstrated how bread was baked . The cross was always squeezed on the first loaf and this marked loaf was eaten last beacause bread had been always sacred in Lithuania through ages. While forming and baking bread it was forbiden to make noise and the best spice was love and song, so we also were asked to sing a song. Lithuanians started, then joined the Norwegians. When the host woman shoot the first loaf into the oven we also formed our own unique rye bread loaf. That was exciting. Later we sat down round the table full of traditional Lithuanian dishes made in this homestead. The trip ended late at night.

November 29, Monday

Meeting at school began with greetings and presentions of the delegations. Each group presented their country, region, school, themselves, videos about country traditions, customs, traditional food.

After lunch our school teachers Nijole Gradauskiene and Jolita Vaicekaviciute and students gave a lesson of Lithuanian language- they told the history of Lithuanian language, read some Lithuanian poetry and sang songs, then taught the guests some Lithuanian words. At the end of the lesson all the guests joined in Lithuanian song.

Later project partners had a workshop on project work, plans on project web page, setting tasks for planning next meeting in Vilnius in March, arrrrangements for Kaziukas fair; details of timetable, planning other visits etc. The main objective in organizing Kaziukas fair is to attract as many as possible partners in order to introduce Lithuanian traditions and handicrafts to the guests from other countries as well as give an opportunity for students to learn entrepreneurship.

November 30, Tuesday

Visits at Pedagogical University, faculty of technologies (knitting, crocheting, floristic, exhibition of handicraf). Students and lectors met project participants, showed traditional Lithuanian handicrafts, taught how to make some of them. Then they visited the Centre of Disabled People „We“. They will cooperate in our Kaziukas Fair in March, selling their souvenirs.

December 1, Wednesday

Lessons in Vilnius tourism and commerce school:

Inetgrated English-Culinary lesson with English teachers Zivile Varanaviciene, Margarita Serafinovic, Ruta Birziene and culinary teacher Vida Bingelyte. Students made presentations about Lithuania, Vilnius, traditional Lithuanian cuisine, celebrations, guests answered to quiz questions.

Next lesson was Economics lesson „Traditions and economics growth“ with the teacher Reda Brokartiene. Students had to present a business idea based on country traditions.

After lunch, despite freezing cold the guests with the geography teacher Aliona Takarcik went sightseeing to the old town.

December 2, Thursday

Time ran very fast and there came the last day at school. Students and teachers gathered in confectionery kitchen. Confectionery teacher Zita Sprindiene taught how to bake traditional honey cake and teacher and chef from Norway Ottar Bang and teacher Siv Bergtun Tembre with students made their traditional Norwegian dessert. Commerce and fishfarming sudengs at that time worked on the posters presenting their countries. After lunch all participants got the certificates. Then they visited National museum and in the evening we went to the Opera and Ballet teatre and saw the ballet „Swan Lake“.

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